Custom Engraved Leather Goods


While custom engraved leather goods are popular accessories, the time and price necessary to produce them are not always profitable. Having a laser cutter & engraver can limit your costs to just materials. A machine like ZMorph VX will allow you to create ready-to-market products in almost no time, comparing to outsourcing.


In order to obtain customized leather goods, the designer starts with preparing DXF files both for cutting lines and decorations engraving. The DXF files are then imported to Voxelizer and G-codes for ZMorph VX prepared. Afterwards, the designer mounts the leather on CNC worktable with double-sided table and mounts the Laser PRO toolhead on ZMorph VX. For this project, two G-codes were used – one for cutting the outline, second for engraving the custom design. After just several minutes, the job is completed. The last thing to do is to saw material in order to create a leather accessory of choice.


The custom engraved leather items can be used for various purposes. They can serve as phone cases, headphones sleeves, wallets or small purses and are ready to be put on the market. The design is 100% customizable so the shape, size and decorations can differ anytime you make another project. The end product is achieved after several minutes to few hours of designing in a software (depending on your skill and the complexity of the graphics) and after just a few minutes of laser work on ZMorph VX.