How 3D Printing Can Help Your Organisation

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Developing The Future 3D Printing Experts

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and with the rise of manufacturing technologies, it’s important to give them the skills they need for future success.
3D printing can help you do this, and by using the latest technology you can also help your department or organisation stand out.


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3D Printing is not limited to just the engineering and manufacturing sectors. It is very good for producing jigs, tools and bespoke items for these industries but the technology has a much broader spectrum of use as well.

For example, historical artefacts can be scanned and then printed, allowing people all over the world to contribute to a project at the same time. 3D Printing has also helped a boy regain the use of his arm after an accident. MRI scans were converted and printed to give doctors a physical representation of the inside of his arm, which meant they could tailor the treatment much more effectively.

3D printing is also revolutionising the design process. Simple designs can be printed in a matter of hours, more complex ones in just a day or two. This leads to faster and cheaper prototypes, which also allows for small scale design competitions.

The more affordable and accessible 3D printing becomes, the more industries are likely to start using it. So whatever your students are going on to do, it’s a worthwhile skill to have.


The Formula Student team

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