Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Custom made PCB with Bluetooth circuit, exceptional design, made on a single desktop machine.


Usually, when it comes to developing complex functional prototypes, the 3D printer is used for printing cases, or parts like gears that otherwise would be hard and expensive to make. The rest of the project parts like electronics or PCB have to be outsourced. Even though it’s faster & cheaper with comparing to traditional techniques, it still takes a bit time. However, there’s a different story if you choose a multitool 3D printer over a single purpose one. To create a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker the designer chose ZMorph VX. Thanks to three workflows he was able to print the speaker enclosure and fabricate a custom PCB with a Bluetooth circuit on a single machine.


After sketching the speaker enclosure, the designer chose the final design after several iterations and printed it with PLA. The PCB was designed and then made on ZMorph VX. Outsourcing custom PCB usually takes time and it’s more expensive than making them in-house. The CNC PRO Toolhead milled the board, and Laser PRO engraved the board traces. After that, it took a bit of soldering and the PCB with Bluetooth circuit was ready to use. Making this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with design iterations and printing, and PCB manufacturing took just two working days for the designer.


The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a fully functional prototype that resembles the final product with the design and all functionalities. It can connect to a device with Bluetooth like smartphones, laptops or smartwatches. It plays loud and clear music. The product development process took a laptop, a note & a desktop 3D printer used for 3D printing the speaker enclosure and manufacturing the PCB. That way, it’s much easier for the designer to choose the right components either for low volume or mass production. Making PCB on the ZMorph VX is from 8x to 10x faster than ordering it from suppliers. The three different workflows of ZMorph VX allows creating complex projects, like this speaker, a lot easier by cutting the costs, time and space to produce.

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