Custom Resin Jewelry from 3D Printed Molds

Custom Resin Jewelry from 3D Printed Molds

Fully controlled process, lower production cost, amazing effects.


Resin casting is a well known method for making jewelry. This method incorporates pouring resin into a mold in the desired shape of the jewelry piece. The most crucial part of the process is the mold itself – the visual effect depends on how precise the mold is, and the cost viability of the process depends mainly on the cost of a custom made mold. Designer Paula Szarejko was able to optimize both above factors thanks to a ZMorph VX.


The first part of the process was designing the parts for 3D printing: jewelry shapes and mold box. The 3D printed shape was used as an imprint to mark the geometry of the jewelry in silicon rubber, resulting in a mold negative. The mold negative created that way was then put into the 3D printed mold box, ready to be used for casting. For casting material, Paula chose translucent epoxy resin mixed with stone and sand particles as well as different dyes to create a one-of-a-kind visual effect. As the last step, Paula 3D printed some neat jewelry cases with her branding.


Using a ZMorph VX Paula was able to create custom jewelry molds in a fully controlled process, and what’s also important, at low cost. Additionally, 3D printing opened her the way for experimenting with jewelry shapes and allowed for faster iterating. In result, Paula was able to create an entire line of jewelry, reuse the same molds for low-volume production, and multiply the molds when needed.

ZMorph resin jewelry 7

ZMorph resin jewelry 3

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