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Beyond geometric and material limitations

Because sometimes size matters, the Sigmax features a massive printing volume of 420x297x210mm. Produce larger-scale functional parts and get rid of dividing or scaling down models: volume will be no longer a limitation. Don’t constrain your ideas, just make them real.

The Sigmax is not just a rapid prototyping machine, but a mighty production center. Thanks to its IDEX system, it features two highly productive printing modes.

Print the same model with both toolheads simultaneously and double the printing capacity. I will be happy to help you achieve more with your online presence.

Print the model and its symmetrical part at once, increasing iteration speed and shortening design times.


Prints, mills, cuts, engraves.
ZMorph goes where ordinary
3D printers just can’t go,
and still fits on your desk.

Three different fabrication methods and dozens of available materials. The most versatile and the most practical multitool 3D printer on the market.

A new standard

The unique Independent Dual Extruder system allows to print 2 different materials or colours while ensures the finest surface finish. The idle toolhead remains parked, preventing the dripping of molten plastic onto the part.

Multimaterial or Multicolor

Create functional parts by combining the properties of two different materials, like rigid and flexible filaments. Or make your designs more attractive by printing with two colours.

Print further, print soluble supports

Avoid geometric limitations and print the most challenging parts thanks to soluble supports. Just immerse the model into water and watch the supports vanish.


Even more reliable and accurate


Zortrax Inkspire

Resin 3D printing made better
The technology behind Zortrax Inkspire relies on a high resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting
to cure photopolymers layer by layer

Have a 3d printer requirment?

Flasforge 3D Printers

Adventurer 3

Hunter is an advanced digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer, featuring the latest technology in additive manufacturing. Users can achieve stunning print quality with Hunter’s ultra low resolution print settings all the way down to 12.5um.

Inventor II


Materials & Spares


Octofiber is a carefully crafted 3D printing material, developed to make 3D printing even more attractive. Octofiber is compatible with most filament.


It comes in a variety of colors, a variety of volumes (100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1L), and is expected to be quite successful in the application of jewelry, arts, models/prototypes and functional components.


All you need for sure adhesion of 3D prints Magigoo is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address ‘the first layer not sticking problem’.

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