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Custom Resin Jewelry

Custom Resin Jewelry from 3D Printed Molds Fully controlled process, lower production cost, amazing effects. Challenge Resin casting is a well known method for making jewelry. This method incorporates pouring resin into a mold in the desired shape of the jewelry piece. The most crucial part of the process is the mold itself – the […]

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Lesson 5 – Basic materials and slicing

How 3D Printing Education in Schools is Closing the Skills Gap

How 3D Printing Education in Schools is Closing the Skills Gap   One of the reasons certain countries around the world are leaders in technology is because of the focus on STEM education and understanding how skills in engineering, mathematics, science and technology are important for innovation and growth of businesses and the economy. Internet […]

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How to Quickly Make Money with a 3D Printer

We take a closer look at how you can make money with a 3D printer. The invention of 3D printing has revolutionized the way that many look at the world of manufacturing, and it has created many new avenues of opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs. With additive manufacturing technology, objects can be produced with a high level of […]

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3D printed ‘Age Suit’ lets young people feel what it’s like to be old

Get Models Now, a modern design studio based in Poznan, Poland, has designed a 3D printed “Age Suit” that lets wearers experience what it feels like to be elderly. The suit, made from PLA and other materials, restricts movement to replicate the feeling of age. Walking, bending over, crouching down, sitting on a chair, getting […]

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