The unique Independent Dual Extruder system allows to print 2 different materials or colours while ensures the finest surface finish. The idle toolhead remains parked, preventing the dripping of molten plastic onto the part.

Beyond geometric and material limitations!

Multimaterial or Multicolor

Create functional parts by combining the properties of two different materials, like rigid and flexible filaments. Or make your designs more attractive by printing with two colours.

Print further, print soluble supports

Avoid geometric limitations and print the most challenging parts thanks to soluble supports. Just immerse the model into water and watch the supports vanish.

Such a big family

A hotend suitable for each moment: print either the tiniest or the biggest model, use abrasive filaments to materialize your functional part or take the best profit of the IDEX system by combining different nozzle sizes.

Fast yet detailed

Print up to three times faster without giving up quality: finer outlines and coarser infills.

Quiet like a breeze

Reengineered cooling strategies allow to keep up the performance while reduce drastically the operating sound. Put a Sigma on your desktop!


Redesigned stepper drivers and improved power management set a new milestone in the accuracy of FFF 3D printers.


Operate flawlessly the Sigma via its full color touchscreen. The attractive and intuitive interface is fully equipped with advanced features.



General dimensions

465mm x 440mm x 680mm

Shipping box dimensions

550mm x 550mm x 630mm


15kg (without filament spools)

Shipping weight