PLA+ Orange 1.75mm 1KG/ Roll



extracted and purified from corn grain;
high rigidity, good glossiness and transparency;
suitable for printing larger models;
toughness is 10 times more than the PLA on the market;
no wiredrawing problems, the surface of the printouts will be smoother and more delicate;
no cracking problem.




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Truly high quality 3D PLA filament. Esun PLA+ is an easy-to-use material that’s 100% eco-friendly. Their filaments have perfect tolerances, no tangles, and high strength. Another positive feature is that they do not emit odor. These things combined have earned Esun its reputation as a top 3D printing filament brand. Their products continue to get an endless stream of positive reviews from happy customers. There’s also widespread praise for Esun PLA+ materials from professionals working in the 3D printing industry. If you want a top-quality PLA+ at an affordable price, and with reliable tolerance, add Esun to your shortlist of choices.

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