FPE 45D 2.85mm 500g (Flex)


Flexibel PolyEster (FPE) is a high-tech material which combines several properties like strength, flexibility and temperature resistance in one material. Best of all: it is printable as well. FPE has high layer-to-layer adhesion. This is the hardest version we have currently available and has a Shore 45D hardness; comparable with roller skate wheels.

Product properties:

  • – close tolerances (+/- 0.05mm)
  • – high temperature resistance (up to 90 °C)
  • – packed in a reclosable sealed bag
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FPE (Flexible PolyEster) is a mixture of a rigid polymer and a soft polymer. The exact relation of these components define the exact hardness. 45D hardness can be compared with the hardness of a sport shoe sole.

Apart from its flexibility FPE has some interesting characteristics:
– good layer-to-layer adhesion
– relative high temperature resistance
– resistant to a wide variety of liquids

Printing Guidelines

Print settings of FPE are different from “standard” materials like PLA. Most printers are optimized for stiff materials, so in general you have to reduce the printspeed and make sure that the flexible filament cannot buckle. Application in Bowden fed printers (like the Ultimaker) is also possible, but make sure you lower the print speed drastically. We get good results when using the values shown in the table below.

Nozzle temperature 205-250°C
Heated bed temperature +/- 75°C
Printing speed 15-25mm/s
Layer height 0.2mm
Bed material Kapton on glass

Use the above values as a starting point, optimal values for your specific printer may vary from the values shown above, depending on e.g. nozzle diameter, printing speed and layer height. For large objects, a raise in bed temperature may be necessary.


All FPE filament will be shipped on a plastic spool, to prevent entangling. The spool itself will be shrinkwrapped to protect against dust and dirt. To make it complete: we add silica gel drying agent to fight against moisture.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg


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