eFlex TPU filament 1.75mm Natural 1kg


Product features

  • Reinforced spool with bigger inner diameter to allow smoother pull from extruder, unlike most black spool on the market which has a tighter inner diameter.
  • TPU rubber based.
  • 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction, Premium product.
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eSUN 3D Printer Filament: eFlex

Flexible material requires special extruder or modification. 
Extrusion Temperature Range: 200 Celsius to 230 Celsius

Natural Semi-Transparent

eSUN 3D printing filament is tested, and confirmed to work with all FDM 3D printers, with a dimensional accuracy better than +/- 0.05mm

eFlex Advantages:

TPU rubber based.
Very flexible and elastic like rubber band.

Shore A Hardness at 87.
Tensile Strength 52 MPa.


  • Industrial seals, gaskets, sleeves or hinges
  • Functional prototypes
  • Soft-touch multi-material models
  • Flexible-joined multi-material models
  • Protective cases
  • Insoles

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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