Month: January 2018

Here’s What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything

Today’s desktop 3D printers are fairly limited in terms of capabilities. However, we could be just a couple of decades away from a world in which every home has a 3D printer, capable of producing almost anything we can imagine. Print-on-Demand From drones to hyperloops, retailers have no shortage of big ideas for getting products to consumers more […]

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Dubai doctors make global impact with 3D printing strides

Removal of complex kidney tumour using new technology tops series of breakthroughs By Sharmila Dhal, Chief Reporter 16:36 January 17, 2018   At the helm. Dr Mohammad Al Redha, director, Department of Organisational Transformation, DHA Image Credit:Supplied Dubai: In less than two years of embracing 3D printing, Dubai doctors have made a global impact by […]

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3D printed ‘Age Suit’ lets young people feel what it’s like to be old

Get Models Now, a modern design studio based in Poznan, Poland, has designed a 3D printed “Age Suit” that lets wearers experience what it feels like to be elderly. The suit, made from PLA and other materials, restricts movement to replicate the feeling of age. Walking, bending over, crouching down, sitting on a chair, getting […]

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bcn3d sigma

Accelerating stroke rehabilitation thanks to a customized 3D printed orthotic swimming fin

Two industrial designers from Barcelona have created a swimming fin to accelerate the rehabilitation of Pedro, a 16-year-old boy who suffered a stroke, which paralyzed half part of his body. Pedro is a sixteen years old guy from Barcelona who loves sports. In August 2012 he suffered a stroke, a left ganglion basal hemorrhage, which paralysed half […]

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How to Prepare a File for PCB Engraving

If you would like to engrave a PCB using ZMorph milling feature and you don’t know how to prepare the files, then you will learn how to do it from this tutorial. First of all, prepare your PCB project using any software you want. You can use KiCad EDA, CadSoft EAGLE PCB, Altium Designer, etc. The […]

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Discover true versatility – explore the ZMorph Catalog.

With a ZMorph on your desk, you’re prepared for any project. You’re prepared to amaze, inspire, prototype, iterate, teach or even run your own business. Whether you’re looking for a digital fabrication workhorse or an education aid, versatility is a smart investment.    

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